Négoce de vins

Bordeaux – Bergerac – Duras 

Our Offer

Over the years, our location at the crossroad of three major vineyards (Bordeaux, Bergerac and Duras) allowed us to develop closer partnerships with the actors of the wine industry in these regions and to build strong ties with them.

Our offer covers a complete overview of these three regions

Packaging and storage

We have centralized  the bottling  and the storage in a single location to minimize the impact of transportation and handlings.

Thanks to our Partner  Grands Chais de Saint Laurent (GCSL), we have a high quality working tool.. This space dedicated to the wine meets all quality requirements. GCSL has been commited for many years to a quality approach and complies with all the certifications required by the current international standards. (ISO 9001-IFS-BRC-ECOCERT).

By making the choice of a single center dedicated to  wine logistics, we offer our customers a high quality level, a real and full traceability and rigorous logistics services.

Our Offer:

Wines from  Bordeaux, Bergerac, Duras.

organic wines:

Trigédis Vins Fins has been holder of the Ecocert certification for the distribution of Organic Wines for many years.

Our Clients: 

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, large- and medium-scale retailers, wholesalers.

Asia: China, South Korea.